video and photography production

We are a fully integrated strategy and production agency, meaning we can handle everything from casting, location scouting, permitting, storyboarding, conception and film and video production right to the final deliverable.


First we need to clearly define your brand identity and messaging.  Figure out where you fit in the marketplace and how your various platforms engage with your audience.

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Now that we know more about you it's time to develop a strategy for getting your message across to your audience.  We need to look at the short term and long term and make sure what we build has staying power.

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With a solid understanding of your business, your marketplace and a strategy now is the time to start creating content.  Be it photography for web and print assets or video for your social media or marketing needs.

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We work with clients...

If you are business that needs full marketing support then our team can help you.  Everything from branding, strategy, website, e-commerce, product photography and social media management...

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... and Marketing agencies!

We also work as a plug and play option for agencies. They create the overarching branding and messaging for the company and hire us to create a content strategy and to produce the content.  

We handle casting, location scouting, budgeting, content and platform strategy and content delivery.


What We Do

From Print Campaigns and Rebrands to Brand Videos and Ski Movies, the Peeled Media team has produced a wide array of content for clients all of over the world.


Communicating as a business is challenging and handling all of the internal strategy requirements is extensive. Let us look long term and develop the road map to follow to ensure your voice is.heard.


Each platform acts as a living being and requires constant attention. To influence audiences and foster engagement is tedious and laborious. Let us handle this for you.


With 12 years of experience in the fashion industry and mentorships with some of the top photographers around, Peeled Media can capture most assets required to support the needs of your work.


This is what we are born to do!  We love to storyboard, think outside of the box and create engaging and effective visuals that capture your audience and leave them talking about it.


From business cards to websites, our in-depth understanding of the design industry enables us to produce stylish work that supports your brand needs without falling victim to trends.


How your brand is found and how it is seen are the most important factors that define the success of all your marketing initiatives. This is actually where we start with our strategy planning.

Our Creative Crew

With over 15 years in the creative industry and working with brands all over the world and in a large array of industries, the Peeled Media team brings a deep toolkit to help solve your marketing problems.

Mark Milburn
Creative Director, Founder
Mike Decker
Tyson Hart
Project Manager
Tanya Holzmann
Account Manager
Social Media Manager
Social Media Manager
Media Buyer
Graphic Designer

AGENCY Pricing

We recognize that marketing is completely custom per business and the requirements needed vary accordingly.  As such we have 3 different tiers that are designed to support the needs of each businesses objectives.

Project Based
Price Based on Scope
Quote on Project
Define Deliverables
Optimize for Output
Deliver on Time
$49,000 or Less

Annual Marketing Budget
Strategy Session
SEO Analysis + Content Plan
Media Buying Package
Content Creation
Annual Marketing Budget
Strategy Sessions Quarterly
SEO Analysis + Content Plan
Ongoing Media Buying
Content Creation

Recent Projects

From full rebrand to event highlight videos, we invite you to check out some of our recent work.  We take great pride in what we create and are always grateful to work with such fun and engaging clients.


From shooting St.Andrews Golf Course in Scotland, to flying over the British Colombia mountain tops producing a ski movie, Peeled Media is able to work globally. We have papers to work in Europe, America and Canada.

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What they Say

We work hard to please our clients and support their businesses.  Thank you to our clients for their kind words.

West Haven Group
The team at Peeled Media truly  think outside the box and get the results one is looking for. When we first met I was keen to just start advertising and running campaigns but the team was adamant about  the importance of short-term and long-term strategy.
Vancouver Club
Peeled Media produced a last-minute video of one of our events and did a great job of capturing the spirit of the evening. They were well prepared with adapting to our challenging lighting conditions and made the whole process rather seamless.
Pilot Mortgage Group
Without a doubt one of the best decisions we made as a company.  We brought the Peeled Team on board and trusted them with a complete rebrand. The return on investment was instant, the appeal obvious.

marketing Confessions

We learn every single day.  We make mistakes, trends change, algorithms get updated, equipment breaks etc.  So our blog is a place to go to learn about the marketing industry and the lessons we are learning.

Let's Get Connected

We are excited to work with you.  If you have any questions or would like to learn more about how Peeled Media works just shoot us an email or give us a call and one of the team members will respond within 24 hours.

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