WOW Real Estate Group

WOW. real estate has a well established portfolio of rental properties and a strong history of buying and selling real estate in
the Vancouver marketplace. When we began this journey the brand was built around a tri colour identity with an icon that represented the prime coastal elements; mountains, oceans and high-rises. The tri-colours represented the three offerings that WOW. was profiling. Rentals, Buy/Sell and City tours.

The new brand is clear and concise. A simple word mark, bold with a period for artistic prevalence. We wanted to modernize it and make it come across as a bold brand - which it is. The brand name is easy to remember so we wanted to make sure it stood out. Short and sweet.

Furthermore, we moved towards a two tone brand. White and Grey - technically charcoal.

Modern colours, a modern brand and modern times We are ready to be seen.

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